Terms and Conditions

This website advertises and facilitates the payment for website building and hosting.

The only payment method currently being accepted is Paypal unless otherwise organised at the discretion of Westbury Digital’s webmaster. That the service will be payed for automatically once a month.

What defines an agreement

An agreement is formed only once funds have been received and an order has been accepted, processed and an order confirmation email with cPanel login credentials has been sent. Delivery aim is within 24 hours however, unforeseen circumstances may cause delays. If a login credentials email is not sent then an agreement is not met. If an agreement is not met then payment will be refunded.


This website is fully compliant with Australian Consumer Law.

Refunds will be given in accordance with Australian Consumer Law including consumer guarantees for repair, replacement, refunds and cancellations. For matters not covered under ACCC determinations are at the discretion of Westbury Digital’s Webmaster.

Cancellations and Refunds will be given through Paypals standard refund system.The consumer has the right to cancel the service at any time. That the cancellation will be done through their PayPal account and a courtesy email sent to the service will continue for 30 days after the last payment date.

This website is governed by Australian Federal Law as well as South Australian State Law. Interstate and international customers will need to abide by these jurisdictions.

Termination of Service

You agree that Westbury Digital has the right to refuse or terminate hosting for any controversial, pornographic, illegal, or any other content that may bring disrepute to the service or persons associated with.

You agree that in the event of Westbury Digital ceasing trade your hosting will be moved to another hosting service likely without interruption. Cost, billing and services may differ.

Any intellectual property created by Westbury Digital remains the property of Westbury Digital.

Westbury Digital is not liable for any content hosted by its customers, copyrighted, trademarked or otherwise. Westbury Digital will comply with fair and reasonable DMCA (or other relevant authorities) takedown notices.

Westbury Digital is not liable for loss of data, business or costs incurred by system failure or interruption unless otherwise stipulated by a relevant act or law.

For any further clarification Send Email.